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Do You Know How to Knit?

Until recently knitting was viewed as slowly dying art. Very few young people were learning how to knit as children.

knitting BasketAs time pressures on mothers and grandmothers reduced the opportunities for spending quality time with the 'kids' and mass production reduced the need to make our own garments, knitting was losing it's relevance.

But wait - it is on the way back!

Knitting is becoming trendy!

If you didn't learn how to knit as a child all is not lost. Knitting is not that difficult and most people can learn reasonably quickly and easily. To help you to learn, you will find step by step instructions and knitting hints and tips on this site as well as simple patterns designed for beginners.

Don't worry if you are seasoned knitter, you will also find resources on the site for those of you who are more experienced.

Looking for Natural Yarns?

Basically there are two types of yarn you can use for your knitting, natural or man-made fibers. Being a knitter from way back (and a New Zealander to boot) I am a big fan of natural fibers, and rarely knit with synthetics. If you are planning on making heirloom items, naturals fibres are definitely the way to go, but man-made fibres do have their place in the knitting world!

Supplies and Accessories

Working out which supplies and accessories you need can be confusing for beginners. Do you know the difference between nice to have and really need?

Keep an eye on this section of the web site for hints and tips about the uses of knitting needles, supplies and accessories.

Before you go out and spend a small fortune, I will tell you what you actually need and what you can do without!

What Now?

Not only can learning how to knit be very rewarding, it can also save you quite a bit of money. Have you checked how much a 100% pure wool jumper costs these days? You might even be able to make a bit of extra money selling your knitted garments!

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