Bamboo Knitting Needles

When you are deciding which type of knitting needles to use, you might like to consider bamboo knitting needles.

Whether you are just a beginner or an experienced knitter, knitting needles will always be on your shopping list. That is because as every knitter knows that you can never have too many!

Bamboo GroveI have recently started using bamboo needles, largely bacause I found a good supplier for the Knitting Naturally Store and have a large number of these needles on hand.

But I have to say I am impressed.

Bamboo needles are, or should be, reasonably cheap compared to other types of knitting needle.

The raw material for these needles is a grass, it is fast growing and definitely a renewable natural resource. Some sources claim that bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet!

In a drought striken country like Australia (this is the driest continent in the world), water conservation is one of our top priorities. The growing bamboo commercially for manufacture into knitting needles (or yarn for that matter) is less water hungry that many other manufacturing methods.

These needles are also biodegradable, so any broken or unwanted needles are not going to clog up our landfill like other types of needle. So if you are looking for an eco-friendly option - bamboo knitting needles may be the best option for you.

Using Bamboo Needles

Because of what they are made of bamboo needles are lighter than many of the other types of needle which makes them rather pleasant to work with.

Although larger bamboo needles are quite strong, you do need to be careful when you are using fine needles. The finer the bamboo needles are, the more likely they are to break under pressure.

I have had the experience of snapping the tip off a 2.25mm needle while doing a complicated stitch!

It is also a good idea to keep a small piece of fine sand paper hand. Being made out of a woody fibre, sometimes the needles have small splits or spurs on the points that can catch on the yarn as you slip your stitches onto the needle. It is not a huge drama and it does not happen that often.

And that small piece of sand paper can fix the problem in a matter of seconds!

Where to Get Your Bamboo Needles

Most good retailers will have at least a small range of bamboo knitting needles in stock.

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