Knitting Loom Instructions

Although knitting on a loom is very easy, it always helps if you have some knitting loom instructions before you start beginning with instructions on how to cast on the previous page.

Now that you have your knitting started on the loom, you are going to need to know how to form some basic knitting stitches.

Forming Knit Stitches

To form a knit stitch, hold the yarn above the loop on the next peg.

Using the loom hook lift the bottom loop up and over the top loop, and allow it to slip over the peg to the back of the work to form the stitch.

Forming Twisted Knit Stitches

The method for doing twisted knit stitches is slightly different to normal knit stitches.

Holding the loom in your left hand take the yarn behind and then around the second peg crossing the yarn at the back of the peg. Continue all the way around the loom twice so that you have two loops on each peg.

Fasten the yarn on the holding peg on the side of the loom.

Then using the hook tool, work your way around the loom lifting the bottom loop on the first peg up and over the top loop to form each knit stitch. Continue all the way around the loom.

Forming Purl Stitches

Purl stitches are different again.

Rather than holding the yarn above the loop on the peg, you hold it below the loop. Then using the loom tool you go under the top loop from above, hook the bottom loop and pull it though.

To complete the stitch lift both the top loop and the new loop you have just made off the peg. Allow the top loop to slip down and lift the new loop back onto the peg to form your stitch.

Casting Off

Knit both of the stitches on the first two pegs. With the loom hook lift the second stitch off it's peg and place it on the first peg.

Using the loom hook, lift the bottom loop over the top loop to cast off the first stitch.

Then move the second stitch back onto it's own peg.

Knit the stitch on the third peg, lift the completed stitch off the third peg and place it on the second peg. Using the loom hook, lift the bottom loop over the top loop to cast off the second stitch.

Continue in this manner until you reach the last peg. At this point you cut the yarn (leaving a generous tail), thread the end through the loop and pull to tighten.

Looking for Advanced Knitting Loom Instructions?

Once you have mastered these basic knitting loom instructions you are probably going to be ready for something a little more challenging.

Although many people tend to think loom knitting is limited to stocking stitch, with a bit of imagination and experimentation you can use a knitting loom or frame to do any of the traditional knitting styles.

Or you might want to graduate from a round loom to a knitting board and give double knitting a try!

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