Knitting Stitch Patterns

Knitting Stitch Patterns provide knitting instructions for stitch patterns that can be incorporated into your garments to make your work unique.

Textured Knitting Stitch Patterns

Textured Knitting Stitches can be very effective and generally involve only basic knitting techniques (i.e., knit and purl stitches).

Moss StitchMoss Stitch is a variation of a one by one rib, where the order of the knit and purl stitches is reversed on each row.

Each row consists of a knit 1, purl 1 pattern but rather than creating a line of knit stitches and purl stitches up the work, the line is broken by each new row creating an interesting textured pattern.

Embossed Check StitchThe Embossed Check Stitch is another variation of a one by one rib, but the knit stitches are twisted by knitting into the back of the stitch.

The rib pattern is also alternated every fourth row to create the checks.

Garter Stitch Check
Garter Stitch Checks are knitted by alternating between stocking stitch and garter stitch in blocks across your rows.

The checks in the photo are knitted across five stitchs and six rows.

Garter Stitch Stripes
Garter Stitch Stripes are probably the easiest textured pattern that you could choose.

This pattern is created by alternating four rows of stocking stitch with four rows of garter stitch.

Lace Stitch Patterns

These stitch patterns involve more advanced knitting techniques than the textured stitch patterns.

Lace Stitch Patterns range from very simple to very complex, so it pays to read through the pattern instructions and select one that is appropriate to your skill level.

Diamond Lace PanelThe Diamond Lace Panel is very effective lace pattern that is knitted over 11 stitches and eight rows.

Although not for a complete novice, this pattern is relatively easy if you have mastered the basics of knitting. This pattern can be used as an all over pattern or as a feature panel on your garments.

Faggoted Lace Panel

The Faggoted Lace Panel is knitted over 9 stitches and 4 rows. It looks complicated, but it is a reasonably easy lace pattern.

Faggoted Lace Panels (don't you just love the name?) can be used as a feature panel or as an all over pattern.

Simple Cable Knitting Stitch Patterns

Although you will only find simple Cable Stitch Patterns on this page, to do any of these patterns you will need to learn some more advanced knitting techniques, such as how to use a cable needle.

4 Stitch CableThis knitting stitch is a simple four stitch cable.

The cable pattern is knitted over six stitches, and to complete the cables you will need to learn how to use a cable needle.

Claw PatternThe claw pattern is knitted over eight stitches.

Although most beginners tend to use a cable needle to do this pattern, an experienced knitter can manage this pattern without one as there is only one stitch held to the front or the back to make the cable.

Rib or Panel Knitting Stitch Patterns

Rib or Panel knitting stitch patterns can be used as an all over lace or rib, in combination with other stitch patterns to create or with stocking stitch to create a unique pattern for your garment.

Double Eyelet RibThe Double Eyelet Rib Panel is knitted over eight rows.

As only one out of every four rows involves lace making techniques, it is a reasonably good choice for your first attempt at knitting lace panels.

This stitch pattern can also be used as an all over pattern or as a feature panel on your garment.

Mock Cable RibThe Mock Cable Rib is a variation on a two by two rib with a small twist - literally.

To create the mock cables the knit stitches are twisted every four rows!

Moss Stitch PanelsMoss Stitch Panels are very effective and relatively easy to do.

This panel is knitted over eight stitches and ten rows and is a basic knit and purl pattern. No increases, decreases, or twists so it is suitable for most beginners!

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So I will be adding new stitch patterns as soon as I have finished a few more samples.

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