What to do with the "tail" when decreasing the toe

Knitting Graph of the Sock Pattern

Knitting Graph of the Sock Pattern

I'm having trouble figuring out this pattern. I'm currently decreasing the toe in the pattern but I can't figure out what to do with the "tail" to the right of the pattern.

It seems like all the stitches are decreasing except for the two ends of the pattern. I have included a picture and pointed my pens towards the stitches in the pattern that I'm having trouble with.



To be honest I really don't know. I would assume that they serve a purpose but without being about to look at the pattern I would only be guessing.

Have you read the instructions on finishing your socks? It might be that you are told how to handle these "tails" in this section of your pattern.

It is possible that one of my readers has come across a similar pattern and may be able to help so I am adding your submission to the open questions page.

Hopefully someone will drop by with exactly the answer you need...

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