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Knitting Naturally Ezine, Special Notice Aug 2009
August 02, 2009
Hello everyone!

Please accept my apologies...

Hello everyone,

For those of you who are following this site, you are probably aware of the problems I had a month or two ago installing the SSL certificate on the store. For those of you who missed it - long story cut short - due to technical problems installing the certificate I had to move the store to a new domain and as a result a lot of the links between the main site and the store were broken.

I initially used a re-direct while I was working updating the links so that you would still get to the right page but that seems to have stopped working. I thought I had caught and changed most of the links, but it seems I missed a couple.

One of them being on the confirmation page for the ezine. Hence the need to apologise.

Some of you may have tried to take advantage of the gift certificate offer only to find that the link didn't work! Oops...

The link is now fixed. I would very much like to make it up to any of you that were affected by this but as I can't tell who was and who wasn't the following offer for a $10.00 discount on any order placed with the store is open to everyone currently subscribed to the ezine.

All you need to do is to copy (ctrl c) this code:


and paste it into the coupon box on the checkout page. The code is good for one use per customer and you can use it any time between now and 31 March next year.

But please make a note of the code as I will be removing it from the ezine back issue page in a day or so.

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