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Hi, on the right side of my aran knitting, at the end of a knit section, then going to a purl section, the last knit stitch is always very loose no matter how tight I knit that knit stitch and the following purl stitch, this is even loose on my cables, but only the last knit stitch before a purl section.

Please don't tell me it is just my tension as my tension is tight everywhere except here!

I pull the yarn extra tight as when i do these two stitches but it just doesn't work, can you please tell me how to remedy this?

Thank you so very much...if it is tension, what am I doing wrong? i don't see how I can possibly knit it any tighter than I am...

Going from purl to knit is fine, no looseness there at all... I would love for the knit to purl to look just the same.. I really don't understand what is going on

Thank you so very much

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Aug 30, 2014
I would love to watch you knit...
by: Nittykitty

If I could watch you knit I could
tell you what you are doing to cause this
loose stitch at that point of your knit.
I will say this; I will normally
give my yarn a twist at the edge stitch
and go point to point. Then when I have
turned the work I put my needle into the edge
stitches to tighten them and even them up.
But, if your stitches are remaining
loose after you have gone on to other rows,
I would love to watch you knit the rows in
person. I may be able to notice something.
It is hard to use the written word
to deal with knitting concepts some times.
I will be thinking about this question.

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