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Baby knitting yarn is one of my favourite types of yarn.

Even though there is only two babies in the family these days (and they are growing fast), I love doing baby knitting and any excuse is good enough. As a result I use a lot of baby yarn!

So to help you decide which yarn to choose for your next project I have added this page of reviews.

I have recently used each one of the baby knitting yarns on this page for a number of different projects, each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

Your best bet is to read through each of the reviews and select the best yarn for your particular project.

All of these yarns are readily available in Australia, and will soon be available on this site.-

Patons Big Baby

Patons Big Baby 4 Ply

Big Baby comes in big balls (100 grams) for not much more than some of the other brands of baby yarn.

You can choose 3 ply, 4 ply or 8 ply. The 3 ply ball contains approximately 560 metres of yarn, the 4 ply has around 420 metres and the 8 ply contains 274 metres of yarn. The yarn is an acrylic and nylon mix (60% acrylic and 40% nylon) and unlike some synthetic yarns, Big Baby is very soft and easy to work with.

The 3 ply comes in three standard colours and one in a variegated pink. The 4 ply comes in the 21 colours including seven that are variegated and the 8 ply comes in twelve solid colours and nine Fair Isle colours.

Although I usually prefer natural fibres for my baby knitting yarn, I do use this particular brand of baby knitting yarn quite a bit. Not only is it nice to work with and easy to care for, it is reasonably cheap compared to some of the other brands available.

Need a pattern book for your Baby Knitting Yarn?

The Big Baby Pattern Book is one of my current favourites and to tell the truth, I have used many of the patterns in the book with other yarns!

The Modern Classic Baby Knits Pattern Book is another one of my current favourites!

Patons Dreamtime 

Patons Dreamtime 4 Ply

Dreamtime is a lovely baby wool. Not my favourite but very close to it. This wool comes in four weights, 2, 3, 4, & 8 ply and is 100% pure new merino wool.

The 2 ply comes in two colours (white and cream), the 3 ply comes in three basic colours (white, cream, and blue) and the 4 ply is available in 25 colours so no matter what colour you are after you should be able to find one to suit in this range.

You can now also get Dreamtime in 8 ply.  This beautiful yarn comes in 10 beautiful colours!

Shepherd Baby Wool Merino

Shepherd Baby Wool Merino 4 Ply

Shepherd's baby wools are absolutely gorgeous. If I have a choice, this is the baby knitting yarn that I will use every single time.

The 2 ply is only available in white but it knits beautifully. I have made several fine lacy baby shawls using this wool, a couple I dyed using Earth Palette dyes before knitting so that I could add colour to the shawls.

The 3 ply comes in just basic pastels, (white, cream, pink, blue, and mint but no lemon for some reason).

There are 20 colours in the 4 ply range, which is considerably fewer colours than in they have offered in previous years but still a good selection to choose from. The new addition to the range is the 8 ply. This weight comes in 10 colours and is just as soft as the other weights.

A pure pleasure to work with!

Panda Baby Soft 4 Ply

Panda Baby Soft 4 Ply

Okay, definitely not my favourite but it is a fairly popular choice if you do not like natural fibres or want a yarn that can be treated fairly roughly (like chucking it in the washing machine and dryer).

Normally I wouldn't touch Magnum with a barge pole but if compared to the other Magnum yarns, the Baby Soft is not too bad. This baby knitting yarn comes in 50 gram balls and is 100 percent acrylic. You can choose from the normal selection of baby pastels plus 5 variegated yarns.

The recommended needle sizes are 3.25mm. I have used this yarn to make baby blankets and small jumpers for my grand-daughter.

While not my first choice for the kind of baby knitting I like to do, this yarn produces a reasonably nice knitted fabric and my daughter in law can chuck it in the washing machine and dryer without worrying about it losing its shape or shrinking.

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