DD Double Decrease over Four Stitches

by Connie Pomposelli
(Woodland Park, NJ)

I have a very old pattern for little Christmas stockings.

To make the toe I am required to dd over the next 4 stitches. As far as I can tell the usual dd is over 3 stitches.

I slip one, knit two together an pass over the slipped stitch.

Isn't that a dd over three stitches? Also the pattern later states DD2.

What the the "2" mean after the DD.

Thank you Connie Pomposelli


DD normally stands for Double Decrease. A single decrease reduces the number of stitches by 1, a double decrease reduces the number of stitches by 2.

As with your pattern DD often involves decreasing three stitches down to one (3 - 2 = 1).

But it can also be done over four stitches by slipping 1, knit 1, passing the slipped stitch over followed by knitting 2 together (4 - 2 = 2).

I have not seen DD2 before and could only hazard a guess as to what this abbreviation means, so I am going to move your question to the open questions section and with any luck one of the visitors to the site will be able to enlighten both of us.

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