How can I knit this clutch

by Christina Cawley


I saw this amazing knit clutch bag and I really want to attempt to make one but cannot find a pattern anywhere and I was wondering if you had any idea how I could make one similar?

Kind Regards

Note to Other Visitors:

Hi everyone,

Christina is asking for help with working out how to knit a clutch similar to the one in the picture. If any of you have already completed a project like this it would be great if you could add a comment to help her out.

It looks like it might have been made using a double knitting technique on oversized needles and super-chunky yarn.

In the photo it looks like 12 stitches per side, so 24 in total (I would add 2 stitches if it is knitted in a flat piece rather than double knitting as a seam allowance), but I have no idea what weight the yarn is or even what it is made of - could be some kind of plastic maybe?

Any assistance you can provide would be fantastic...

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