how to do this beautiful stitch?

by Angelinaxp

Dear ladies:

I have a picture of a model with a beautiful jacket. There is no instructions or charts to make it, because it just the photo with the lady. But I love the jacket, so I wanted to knit one with that beautiful stitch. Here is the photo of the jacket:

Photo no longer available at provided web address

I have found a chart of a stitch and after knit a sample I am really think is the stitch in the collar.

Now, if you look the picture with attention, you will see the body is formed for the half of the motive that is in the collar.
It is a very simple design, but I just can`t solve how to make the body. I have tried to knit just the half of the motive in the chart to get the columns that form the body, but I am not getting good results. The other thing, that motive in the columns are separated by something like purls and big hole. Also is not ending in a straight waist, is not straight in the waist.

How can I get that result adapting this chart?

Where the symbols means:

Where the symbols means:

U means "yarn over"
I means "purl stitch"
_ means "knit stitch"

2 means "knit 2 together"
3 means "knit 3 together"

V with a little 2 inside means "(s1k1psso)" Slip 1 Knit 1 Pass Slip Stitch Over.

I trust you will solve the mistery. Thank you so much!!



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