by Margaret
(Brisbane Qld Australia)

I have been knitting for most of my life and I'm over fifty now. Recently I saw a jumper in a craft shop. The pattern was a reversible one and it was multi striped in blending rainbow colours. The stripes seem to bleed into each other which made me think that maybe some stitches had been picked up from a row further down. The stitches seemed to be mainly garter but there did seem to be some plain stitches in there as well.

I just loved the look of this pattern. It would make great pillows, throws, pot holders etc which is what I mainly knit these days. Is there anyone out there who could tell me what this pattern is please.

I'm sorry not to have a picture of the jumper. Felt a bit embarrased about taking a photo of it in the craft shop.


Completely understand your reluctance to take a photo in the shop, I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that either.

I personally don't know which pattern it is but it is possible that one of my visitors might. Hopefully one of them will leave a comment on your page which will point you in the right direction.

Good luck!

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