Mixing Rib and Stocking Stitch Patterns

by Geraldine

I want to knit a stocking stitch animal pattern into a main 2 ribbed body pattern.

Will the different stitches mar the picture?


Yes and no.

If you knit a patch of stocking stitch in the middle of a piece of ribbing knitting it is going to look a little strange.

The animal pattern should look okay but the knitted fabric of the stocking stitch will be wider than the knitted fabric surrounding it as the rib pattern pulls the fabric in tighter than stocking stitch does.

If you knit the pattern in the using the rib pattern, it would also be a bit of a problem as the picture would appear taller and narrower than the designer intended - again, due to the rib pattern being narrower than stocking stitch.

I wouldn't mix the two, but to do this or not to do this has to be your decision. I have added your question and my answer to the open questions page to see if any of my site visitors can offer an opinion on whether or not this would work.

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