problem reading chart - is it ME or the pattern who has problems???

I am using a knitting chart for the first time.It is a triangular lacey shawl and it looks like the fircone pattern. I do fine until I get to row 9.Row 8 is a purl row which leaves you with 7 stitches. then row 9 is illustrated with 8 squares even though there have been no increases in the purl row. I don't get it.

These are the instructions for row 9.

k,k,k,yo,k,yo, then there are three more squares for k. and one more left with the ssk symbol on it. I run out of stitches.the chart has 1 blank square, 1 yo(square with circle), 1 blank square, 1 yo, 3 blank squares and one more with the ssk symbol on it.

I hope you can help me - I am about to go crazy!

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