Rib Stitch Cap Direction Dilemma


I'm a beginner....and I'm making a Rib Stitch Cap.

I figured out the gauge issue just fine, and then as I was beginning the project, right off the bat I got stumped. It says to start at the cuff edge, measure off about 2 1/4 yards of yarn and cast on 84 stitches.

Measuring off doesn't mean cut the yarn, I know...or assume, but why would it say to measure off.

Wouldn't I just cast on the 84 stitches and start the project?

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Oct 23, 2014
Long tail of wool at start
by: Joan

Hi. I wonder whether the long tail is to allow you to cast on by the thumb method for the cap rib? This gives a nice stretchy rib to allow the cap to be pulled on easily. Hope this helps rather than confuses!!

Sep 01, 2014
Your Answer
by: Deb

Lots of assuming going on here, because the answer is based on an assumption I am making!

My assumption is that the pattern is telling you to leave a (very) long tail for some reason that will become clear as you work your way through the pattern.

It might be something to do with sewing up the cap or finishing it off in some way, however 2 1/4 yards seems to be a very long tail.

My advice would be to do as the pattern says, don't cut it just roll it and tie a loose knot around it to stop it from getting in the way as you knit. If you don't end up using it, you can trim it later but if you start your knitting without the long tail and then find you need it for something later on you will be in trouble.

Hope this helps...

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