by Angela
(Kingswinford )

HI, can anybody help me out please.

My row has 67 sts, the next row on my pattern reads:

P6, p2tog, 9 times, p5. 57sts.

Then change to 4mm needles.

This has totally bamboozeled me!!! What do I do here??

Thanks 😩


I am not surprised.

For this row you purl the first 6 stitches and then purl the next 2 stitches together. Then you do the same thing again another eight times, and then you purl 5 stitches.

So it is a decrease row with a decreasing pattern of 8 stitches, that repeats across the row 9 times plus 5 which would mean you would need 77 sts and you would end up with 68 sts, not 57.

If you are going from 67 sts to 57 sts, you need to decrease 10 sts. The instructions are for a larger number of stitches and only decreases 9 stitches.

If you need to go down 10 sts over 67 you could try one of the decrease rows below, but as I have no idea what you are making I have no idea whether or not either would be appropriate, or if it would affect any shaping past this point:

Option 1:

k1, p2 tog, *purl 5, p2tog, rep from * 9 times, k1 (57 sts).

Option 2:

purl 6, p2 tog, *purl 4, p2tog, rep from * 9 times, purl 5 (57 sts).

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