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I love knitting baby shawls, I have a favourite old pattern that I know off by heart and I make these shawls for friends and family whenever a new baby is on the way.  Most are made using 3 or 4 ply yarn in natural fibres, either 100% merino wool or cashmere and they are all beautifully soft, light-weight and suitable for all climates.  

I do take order for these shawls in white or cream merino wool, it takes about four weeks to make a shawl and post it out to you.  If you are interested in ordering one you can find the order form on my hand knitted baby shawl page.  

The shawls on this page are shawls that I have already made, usually because I want to try something.  Some of them were made because I was experimenting with a new fibre (like cashmere - so nice to work with...) or because I was playing around with hand dying the wool.  Each one of the shawls on this page are unique, other than the standard shawls I make in white or cream merino wool, I very rarely make a shawl that is exactly the same as one I have already made.

Care Instructions for these Beautiful Hand Knitted Baby Shawls

These beautiful hand knitted baby shawl are machine washable, but I would still recommend that you hand wash and rinse in warm water. The temperature of the water is important. If you wash in warm water, rinse in water at the same temperature. If you wash in cold water, rinse in cold water.

If you do decide to machine wash the shawl, these are the manufacturers washing instructions:

  • Warm machine wash on short gentle wool cycle
  • Warm rinse well on gentle cycle
  • Normal spin
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Dry flat - protect from direct sunlight
  • Do not bleach
  • Warm iron
  • Dry cleanable

Baby Shawls I have in Stock Ready to be Sent Out Right Now...

In this section you will find images, descriptions and prices for the shawls I current have available for sale.  I prefer vintage patterns and am currently working with three different patterns.

Bubbles Circular Shawls

This pattern was published by beehive in a pattern book back in 1955. Patons has reprinted the pattern numerous times over the years and a 4 ply version is currently available  online.  The pattern I use is the original 2 ply pattern.  Most of the yarns I use are 3 ply or finer and the shawl is knitted on relatively large needles.

It is  described as a Shetland lace shawl.  It is a circular shawl with a garter stitch centre and a shale pattern on the main border. It is knitted flat in one piece. The finished shawl (after washing and blocking) is approximately 130 cm round and weights around 230 grams (although the cashmere shawls tend to be a little lighter).

  • 100% Cashmere 
  • Beautiful Hand Knitted Circular Baby Shawl in Lace Weight Cashmere
  • Beautiful detail and super soft 
  • So Incredibly Soft that it Makes Baby Wool Feel Like Straw!

$395.00 AUD

  • Beautiful Hand Knitted Circular Baby Shawl in 3 ply Wool- Beautiful detail and super soft!
  • The colours are subtle (pink, blue, green, yellow and violet) and make this shawl truly unique - I couldn't replicate it precisely, even if I wanted to!

$249.00 AUD

Baby Golden Circular Shawls

This shawl is also knitted flat and in garter stitch lace.  The centre is similar to the bubbles shawl above, but the main border has two separate sections with lovely lace designs.  the number of stitches increases at the base of the main border and again between the two lace sections.

The pattern I have was designed for 3 ply and was published by Copley Lotus in 1975. The finished shawl (again, after blocking) is approximately 120 cm wide.  

  • Beautiful Hand Knitted Circular Baby Shawl in 4 ply Wool- Beautiful detail and super soft!
  • 100% Merino Baby Wool in Pink

$249.00 AUD

  • Beautiful Hand Knitted Circular Baby Shawl in 4 ply Wool- Beautiful detail and super soft!
  • 100% Merino Baby Wool in White


Knitted Square Shawls

I love this pattern, it gives me a chance to experiment with grafting the squares together to form the centre, although I admit I find the fluted border to be a little tedious as it just takes so damn long to knit all the way around the shawl.  

The end result is gorgeous though, even if I do say so myself. The lace medallions in the centre are lace on a stocking stitch background with stripes of stocking stitch and garter stitch joining the squares in the centre and in the corners.  There are no cast off edges, the joins between the four medallions are grafted and the stitches around the outside are held on stitch holders until the centre is completed.  The border is then knittedusing all the stitches from around the centre.

Like I said, takes a long time but the end result is stunning.

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