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Why baby bonnets?  When you are learning how to knit, small projects are a good way to gain experience as a knitter. One of my favorite small projects includes knitting baby bonnets and hats.

Bonnets and hats usually involve some shaping, and the stitch patterns tend to be quite decorate (and therefore a bit complicated) so I would not recommend either as a project for a first time knitter.  

Comparatively though, the shaping is relatively easy and once you have mastered the knitting basics, simple bonnets and hats can be attempted.

To knit a bonnet similar to one in the image above you need to know how to:

The knitting stitch pattern I used is the All Over Zig Zag Lace stitch pattern.  But once you have sourced a basic pattern you can learn how to incorporate pretty much any stitch pattern you like.

I personally love the look of a fancy bonnet on a newborn, but you don't see them all that often these days.  Bonnets and hats serve a practical purpose. Very small babies are not yet able to regulate their own temperature, and hats and bonnets help them to maintain their body heat.

Most young mums seem to prefer store bought hats made out of knitted fabric. But really, nothing beats a beautiful bonnet made by a loving relative!

Knitting Bonnets

Most bonnets are knitted in the same basic shape, starting with a rectangle of patterned knitting and finished with shaping for the crown.  The shaping is relatively easy and involves knitting two or three stitches together five or six times across the work.

When the seam of the crown is stitched together, the shaping creates a circle at the back of the bonnet.

Knitting Baby Hats

Little Hand Knitted Panda HatLittle Panda Hat | © Deborah Mason & Knitting Naturally
Little Hand Knitted Fox HatLittle Foxy Hat | © Deborah Mason & Knitting Naturally

Baby hats can be made in all shapes and sizes!

Probably the easiest type of hat you can make is a basic beanie.  This type of hat is basically a tube of knitting that is gathered or drawn together to form the top, they are also often finished off with a bobble or a pompom.  Most patterns begin with a basic rib for the bottom of the hat, either a 1x1 or 2x2 rib around 20 to 30 rows long so that it can be folded over or a strip of garter stitch.

The body of the hat can either be plain stocking stitch, a continuation of the rib (but on bigger needles) or a fancy pattern stitch.  In fact, your choices can be unlimited!

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