Baby blanket finishing

by Elaine
(Houston, TX)

I'm at the end of baby blanket and the pattern is 'Elise' from Leisure Arts baby afghans book.

It says to stop at row 15 before finishing with 6 rows. I just finished Row 18. Would it be ok to just do the 6 knit border rows from here or do I have to tear out three rows?


Without seeing th pattern you are using it is difficult to say definitely. How many rows are in the pattern all together?

Usually a pattern will not specify the last row unless it is important in terms of how thepattern looks in the finished article, so it is probably wise to finish with the row they state.

You basically have a choice, either unpick the additional three rows you have done or do another pattern repeat up to the 15th row.

If it was me, as much as I dislike unpicking anything, I would unpick the three rows....

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Finnish the baby blanket
by: Nittykitty

I have not seen this blanket pattern
either. If you want to keep going, you could
knit a very attractive top edge finish.

May be a few rows of garter work. A nice row of
blocks with the child's name. Some fish swimming
by. Some cables. I could come up with something
if I new what the blanket looked like.

A pattern is a good thing to follow, but
there is nothing wrong with thinking outside
the box. Especially if you have knitted yourself
into a corner, (so to speak). Just say that
it is a design statement. An improvement on the
pattern in progress.

It's ok to do something to alter the pattern.

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