Beginning row of sweater

by Nancy
(Syracuse, NY)

The pattern tells me to CO 90 stitches.

Then it says:

Setup Row (RS): K1, work Row 1 of Chart B 4 times......

My problem is - after casting on, it seems that I am starting my first row on the WS.

There is cabling pattern within the ribbing so it makes a difference which side I am on.

Pattern is Mountain House Pullover from Knitpicks.


Without being able to check the pattern (including the photos of the finished item and the chart) I am at a loss to understand how the first row after casting on would be on the wrong side.

From the excerpt you have included I would assume that you just start knitting after casting on the 90 stitches and that the first row you knit is the first right side row.

That is not always the case, but usually if the first row is on the wrong side, then the pattern makes that explicit in the instructions.

Maybe you could add a comment to explain why you feel that first row is a wrong side row and if you do I might be able to be of more assistance.

I am also assuming that you are not having a problem with the instructions for the first row. Again, without being able to check out the chart, I am unable to comment on those instructions.

I did find the pattern on Knitpicks, but I am sorry, I am not prepared to purchase a pattern that I personally have no use for, when the correct answer to the knitting question may or may not have anything to do with the pattern.


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