Cable knitting

by Karen
(Ottawa Ontario)

Here is my pattern:


I have completed the ribbing and am on the 3rd row of the panel pattern:

C4B.P2. K4P2 C4F

I have 73 stitches...if I repeat this it does not add I doing something wrong?


I think it would help if we expanded the instructions in the pattern so that you are not looking in two different places for the complete instruction.

These are the instructions in the pattern:

1st row: (RS). ( P2. Work 1st row of Panel Pat) 4 times. P1.

( P2, (K4, P2) twice. K4) 4 times. P1.

2nd row: K1. (Work 2nd row of Panel Pat. K2) 4 times

K1. (Knit the knit sts and purl the purl sts as they appear K2) 4 times

3rd row: K1. (Work 3rd row of Panel Pat. K2) 4 times

K1 (1 st) *C4B P2 K4 P2 C4F K2 (18 sts), rep from 4 times

(18 * 4 = 72)... 1 + 18 + 18 + 18 + 18 = 73

The pattern does work. I think perhaps you are leaving out the k2 that have been added to the repeat in the instructions, and I suspect that you have missed the stitches in blue in the two rows before this point as well.

So as much as you probably will not want to hear this, I would suggest that the best way to move forward is to unpick the last two rows and start the pattern again.


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