Can't get the increase row right

by Kris

I'm knitting a baby sweeter. I started with 60 stitches. On row nine it says to......
Knit 4 *increase in the next stitch K2* repeat between the stars across to end K 4 (78 stitches)

But I ends up with 86 eight stitches to many. What am I doing wrong? How can I correct this?


I don't know what you are doing wrong. I have checked the math on the row instructions and you should end up with the stated 78 stitches.

Are you doing the increase into a stitch or between stitches?

Try this:

Knit 4 stitches, *knit into the front and back of the next stitch, knit 2 stitches, rep from * another 16 times - at this point you should have 5 stitches left (60 - 4 - (17 * 3)= 5), knit into the front and back of the next stitch, knit to the end of the row (another 4 stitches).

Follow these instructions and you should have 78 stitches on your needle.

P.S. I removed your email address from the subject line - not a good idea to have it online like that - you would be inundated with spam!

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