Carolyn Block Simply Elegant Baby Blanket

This is my first time knitting on double needles. I have knitted the main blanket and now I have to work in the round and start picking up stitches on three sides of the blanket.

If the front is facing me the tail of the yarn is on the right-hand corner. The pattern says to start picking up stitches along the left side. I'm assuming I need to get the yarn on the left side as well.


But that means that I will have an extra row of seed stitches. Can I pick up the stitches starting on the right-hand side?



Without seeing the pattern or being able to read the instructions it is difficult to offer exact advice.

I am assuming that as you are only picking up stitches on three sides that you have not cast off the stitches for the last row completed on the main blanket?

If this is the case, and you finished on a wrong side row, I would knit across 1 row and then start picking up stitches on the left-hand side. That way I could continue picking up stitches all the way around the blanket without breaking the yarn.

Hope this helps...

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