Cotton yarn for sweater pattern

I have ten 50 gram balls of Bernat Handicrafter Ultra soft Cotton and I would like to use it to make a short sleeved top which call for a cotton yarn.

Can I use this yarn? or if not why not?

Thank you


You can use the yarn providing it is the same weight as the yarn used in the pattern.

If the Bernat Handicrafter Ultra soft Cotton is heavier (thicker) than the yarn specified in the pattern, you sweater will be too wide and shaping for the sleeves will be too long compared to the body of the sweater.

If the Bernat Handicrafter Ultra soft Cotton is lighter (finer) than the yarn specified in the pattern, your sweater will be too narrow.

If the pattern does not tell you the weight you can work it out by comparing the recommended tension for the pattern to my yarn comparison chart.

You might need to knit a tension square with your
Bernat Handicrafter Ultra soft Cotton to see if you can match the tension in the pattern.

Hope this helps.

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