Don't understand the pattern

by Gloria
(Charlotte, NC)

I am looking at a pattern "Dante's Booties" and I always review the pattern before I begin knitting.

The pattern is in English but there are several parts that I question. Because of the way it was written; I researched the designer and she is Dutch.

Here is what she wrote:

17th: 1ES, k11, 1ssk, k7, k2tog, k11, 1ES (33st)

Row 18 is knit all

19th: go on with 3 separate spheres (1)1ES, k12, -- (2) k7 -- (3) k12, 1ES

I understand the ES = edge stitches.
"go on" based on the rest of the pattern means change to / begin

I don't know what she means by separate spheres. ill you help me with this?


The needles are 3.75mm


I hunted around the web and found a copy of the pattern you are using online as it helps me to understand the context of the lines you are asking about.

It appears that these booties have a separate tongue and laces to make them look like mini boots.

So when she says go on with separate spheres what she means is that you divide your knitting into three separate pieces and knit them simultaneously.

So you would do the first piece of the instruction;

(1)1ES, k12,

then attach a new ball of wool (you can use a small length of wool wound on a bobbin to make it easier to handle) and knit the second part of the instructions with the new wool.

(2) k7

then you attach yet another ball of wool (or bobbin) and knit the third part of the instructions with the new wool.

(3) k12, 1ES

From this point on you have three separate pieces of knitting on the same needle.

Hope this helps to clarify the instructions...

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