Holding two strands of yarn

by Kathy
(Oakridge, Oregon)


This is my question in this pattern attached:

I am a beginner and the instructions say to (HALF DOWN) where it says Instructions.

NOTE: Entire blanket is knit with one strand of each color HELD together.

Do you hold 2 strands and knit or one and change to a different color at each square?



From the wording of the pattern and looking at the picture of the finished blanket is appears to mean that you knit the two strands together.

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Why we hold two strands
by: Nittykitty

Dear Anonymous; it is possible to hold
two or more yarns together as if it were
one working yarn. These can be from
several balls or skeins. It is used to
introduce a finer weight contrasting
ribbon or specialty fiber into a knitted
fabric. Or to change the hand on a piece
by working two of the same yarn into a
knit. The knit then becomes a little
thicker while retaining its original
softness; as in a #3 baby soft yarn.

Two yarns in a color change concept
by: Nittykitty

I will have to agree with the answer
above. However, I think that I will
will also mention that by holding two
strands at the working side of the
yarn, it will cause a random color
change in the final fabric. This looks
like just what they did in this baby
blanket. If you would like to take a
little more control over the changes
in the color, you can Knit one with
the left hand; then Knit one with the
right hand. Back and forth...
This will cause an even blend.
It is also good practice for two hand
knitting. Keep in mind that if you
just ride along pulling two strands
through at every stitch, you may end up
with too much of one color at time.
Just thought I would mention it...
Good luck with your bi-color knit.

Holding two strands of yarn
by: Anonymous

Just new at this and it was not clear to me. Thanks.

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