Lily dress

by Eikeen
(Marco Island fl)

I am knitting the Lily by Suzie from

I presently have 138 stitches on circular needles just finishing 14 rounds of seed stitches.

The next round reads: Knit, increasing 2 (4,0,0,4,0,2) Sts evenly: 78 (90,96,102,126,138) Sts.
I am making the large size of the dress so assume my target number of stitches is 138 (?). Since I already have 138 stitches (after slipping 40 stitches on a holder for each arm hole), I'm not sure how to proceed with the instructions for increases or how many to I need to increase.

If you can help me out I would be very grateful! Thanks so much.


As you are knitting the largest size, the pattern does say that you should have 138 sts after the increase row, and that for that particular size you need to add another 2 sts.

But as you already have 138 sts, you already have the required number of stitches so I would just knit the row without any increases.

Having a couple of extra stitches means that either you have inadvertently added them while doing the seed stitch rows, or there is an error in the pattern.

I wouldn't worry about it too much either way, if you are happy with the way the dress looks so far (i.e. there are no obvious errors and the pattern looks okay), just knit the row and keep going.

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