Making a Sweater Longer after it is completed

I have just finished a sweater, but it is too short. I want to add more ribbing stitches(k1,p1).
I tried to unravel the beginning but it doesn't work.

Any suggestions on how to unravel the bottom so I can pick up the stitches and add 2 more inches.

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Make a completed stocking stitch sweater longer
by: Coppermouse

Note: This will NOT work for a patterned sweater, but is successful for stocking stitch.

Pull a thread in the middle of a row just above the ribbed band until the knitting is as scrunched up as you can make it and the length of the thread is at a maximum.

Cut or break the thread as close as possible to the knitted stitches on each end of the pulled thread. Gently stretch out the garment and it will separate (almost) into two parts - the body of the jumper and the ribbing.

You will then need to unweave the wool through the remaining stitches at either end of the body to obtain a full row of knitting stitches. These stitches can then be picked up on the original sized needle and you will be able to start knitting in reverse down the body of the garment.

(The detached ribbing will unpick quite easily now so the wool can be re-used.)

Increase the length of the garment and re-knit the ribbed band.

As already mentioned this only works for stocking stitch as when you reverse the direction of knitting the new stitches are offset from the original.

It is not noticeable for stocking stitch but if you have a mixture of purl and knit stitches it is very obvious!

Good luck.

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