Question about Pattern instructions for Ribbed Cardigan

by Michelyne Callan
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Hi! I have a question about an instruction in a pattern for a ribbed cardigan I am making.

I do not know exactly what it means and don't want to misinterpret. It is for the front right panel of the cardigan. I have already made the back, and it is 17 inches long until the shaping of the armhole starts.

No problem there.

But, for the front right panel I am doing now, it says "Repeat rib pattern until work measures 3 inches less than Back to beg of armhole shaping"
Does that mean I need to start the next section (which happens to be the armhole shaping) at 14 inches, because then one armhole would start 3 inches below the other.

Is that normal in a cardigan pattern?

The pattern itself is free and available here.

And I have attached the PDF for you. The part in question is at "RIGHT FRONT" and then "2nd Row.........,ending with a 2nd row"

Can you help me. My inclination is to start the next section of decrease for armhole and increase for collar at 14 inches (which is three inches less than where the armhole shaping started on the back, but I don't want to be wrong!

Thank you!
M Callan


Hi Michelle, I did a search online and found a copy of the pattern you are using (your images were to blurry for me to be able to read) and had a look at the instructions.

They are correct, you do need to start the instructions for the shaping three inches lower than on the back because the shaping for the front edge needs to start 3 inches below the armhole shaping.

You do increases for the front edge as per the instructions beginning:

Shape front slope and collar -

The instructions will tell you how to do the increases until you have 62 (66 - 74) stitches, and then tell you continue in the rib pattern until the front measures the same as the Back to the beginning of the armhole shaping.

It is at that point that you start the shaping for the armholes.

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