Size of Sweater

by Lena
(Nanaimo, BC Canada)

I made a sweater according to pattern and type of wool recommended and it is way to big.
The sweater is a Mary Maxim called Navajo Jacket. I used Titan Bulky wool and the sweater ended up being long and massive.

My question is if I used just a worsted weight wool and smaller needles will that make the sweater smaller? Or do I have to start decreasing the amount of stitches and become more complicated.

Thank you for your help.

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Sep 24, 2014
learn by knitting your chosen yarn
by: Nittykitty

Better too big than too small! LOL
That said, I just want to say that
wool can grow. Yes, test swatches and
needle tests are a great idea. More than
a great idea. A MUST !!

Less stitches & smaller needles are
considerations. But don't settle for
another yarn just in hopes that it may
be easier to control. Learn to adjust
your techniques until your chosen yarn
works for you.

Acrylic is easy to knit if one is
a beginner. Later on the more advanced
knitter moves on to the more beautiful
wools and other animal hair yarns.

Wool can test your ability to take
control of a pattern & make it your own.

Wool does not have the ease of
control that a synthetic yarn has.

Learn by knitting. Practice with
your chosen wool yarn. Good Luck !

Sep 01, 2014
Your Answer
by: Deb

Did you do a tension square before you started?

When you are knitting with a ply or weight of wool that you have not used before it is a good idea to spend the time to knit one as it enables you to make adjustments before you get started on your garment.

In this case, you probably needed to adjust your needle size to get the dimensions of the jacket correct.

If you used the same pattern with lighter yarn and smaller needles, the sweater would definitely be smaller, but unless you have some idea of just how much smaller it will be (by doing a tension square) you just face the opposite problem to the one you have now.

Hope this helps...

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