sl stitch purl wise

How do I do a yo if I am to keep yarn in back for the sl stitch purl wise?

My pattern states k2,*yo,sl 1, k1; repeat from * to last two sts, k2

Pattern also states:

In this pattern,always slip stitches purl wise, holding the yarn in back of the work.

Tasseled hood page 48 of Vintage knit hats by Kathryn Fulton

How do you first do yo if you have to keep the yarn to the back


The meaning of the term yo can vary depending on the publisher, but generally it means to make a stitch by creating a loop on your needle.

There are a couple of ways of doing that, usually t create a yo between 2 knit stitches you pull the yarn forward and take it back over the right hand needle creating a loop before knitting the 2nd stitch.

If you are going from a knit stitch to a purl stitch, you can either bring the yarn over the needle to the front, or wrap it right around the needle by bringing it to the front (under the right hand needle), take it over the needle to the back and then bring it back to the front again.

In this case you would use the first one, bring the yarn to the front under the right hand needle and lift it over the needle and hold it at the back.

Use the tip of the right hand needle and slip it into the front of the next stitch with the tip coming out the front (rather than the back of the stitch as it would if you were knitting the stitch). Lift the stitch up and off the left hand needle (with your yarn still held at the back) and knit the next stitch as you normally would.

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