slipping beginning & end stitches from straight needle to double point

by Kim
(Hillsboro, OR)

I am making a pair of sock slippers. First time attempting socks.

The pattern starts cuff & leg part on 2 straight needles. Now I am starting the heel where pattern is telling me to slip the last 12 and the first 12 stitches on to a double point needle.

Of course I can slip the ones from point end that I just completed but how would I slip the other end ones? There is 24 other stitches before the end ones and then the "T" end (don't know the actual name. its the needle part that has the number that also keeps stitches from falling off single point needle).

It tells me to slip the 12 stitches on both ends to double point needle then slip the middle 24 on stitch holder afterwards.

Also, when you slip off to double point, how do I know whether to slip of knit wise or purl wise and if both ends should be slipped of the same way?


If I understand you correctly, you are being told to slip 12 stitches onto one double pointed needle, slip 24 stitches onto a stitch-holder and 12 stitches onto another double-pointed needle.

I don't think it would make any difference at all what order you transfer them, so I would suggest that you do it in the order I have them listed.

As to slipping them knit wise or purl wise, I have always slipped them purl wise. Not sure why really, that is just the way I have always done it.

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