Starting the crown on a hat but confused

by Sarah
(Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England )


Can you please explain part of this hat pattern? I've just begun to knit the crown on a hat.

The first row reads:

*(k1,p)x11 times k1,s2kp2 (k1,p1) x4* k1 (=97 sts)

What I read it as was k1 p1 11 times then knitting k1, s2kp2 one time then I followed the rest as it reads but I had far too many stitches left. Can you please help.


Just in case anyone reading this hasn't seem the abbreviation before S2KP2 = slip 2 stitches together, knit 1, pass two slip stitches over.

I have checked out the row in question and it does seem to be correct if you read it the same I I have (see below). It assumes that you started with 101 sts.

The number of stitches in each part of the row are shown in blue and as you can see below the row instruction, they add up to 97.

*(k1,p1)x11 times (22 sts) k1 (1), s2kp2 (-1) (k1,p1) (2)(2 sts) 4 times k1.

(22 + 1 - 1 + 2)* 4 + 1 = 97 sts

So in long hand (kind of...)

(k1,p1)x11 times, k1, s2kp2 (k1,p1),(k1,p1)x11 times, k1, s2kp2 (k1,p1),(k1,p1)x11 times, k1, s2kp2 (k1,p1),(k1,p1)x11 times, k1, s2kp2 (k1,p1), k1. 97 sts

It is easy to misinterpret knitting instructions, we have all done it and it took me a while to get this one clear in my mind. Good lkuck with the rest of your project!

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