sweater sleeves - trouble understanding pattern

by Ruth
(New Jersey)


I have picked up knitting again after 25 years and started making my first sweater but I am having trouble understanding the pattern while working on the sleeves. It reads as follows:
cast on 31 stitches, work in rib for 4 rows (I get that part)

increase 1 stitch at each end of the 5th and 3 following 6th rows, then 0 every following 8th row to 49 stitches

Does this mean:

I knit 4 rows
in the 5th row I increase with 2 stitches (1 at each end) ->

makes 33 stitches

I knit 5 rows and in the 6th row I increase with 2 stitches (1 on each end) ->

makes 35 stitches

I knit another 5 rows and do the same in the 6th row I increase with 2 stitches (1 on each end) ->

makes 37 stitches

I do it one more time: I knit another 5 rows and do the same in the 6th row: I increase with 2 stitches (1 on each end) ->

makes 39 stitches

I am misinterpreting this because I need to end up with 49 stitches....

Kindly explain how I need to read this correctly.

Thank you very much for your input!


It appears to me that there might be an issue with the wording on your pattern, either a typo or an editing issue probably. It happens sometimes.

If it was my project I would just continue as you have to this point, increasing on every 6th row until you have 49 stitches.

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Having the same problem!
by: Anonymous

Hi Ruth,
Did you ever figure it out? I'm having the exact same problem with the pattern that I'm currently working on!

troule understanding pattern
by: louise

i am knitting lon sleeves. i have knitted the rib i inch. it says work st,st,inc 1 st each side every 6 rows 4 timrs . 44 stitches.

i t doesn't add to that when i do it. can you help me?

thanks, louise

by: Anonymous


Can anyone simplify this for me Please?

Inc.1 st at each end of 5th[5th:3rd:3rd] and 0[0:5:7:10] foll 4th rows, then on 8[9:6:4:2] foll 6th row. 63[67:73:75:79] sts.

I have just started knitted again after 35 years. Managed the sweater back and front with no problem. But these instructions for the sleeves are baffling me. The more I read them, the more confused I am getting.

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