Trouble Understanding Directions

by Pat L.
(Atlanta, GA)

I am knitting the Bunny Hop Side Wrap Kimono baby sweater. I began (after checking gauge) with the Back. It gives the direction for how many stitches to cast depending on size and says "Work 10 rows of trim as follows: NOTE: Slip stitch as if to purl.

You begin by knitting 2 rows of the Contrasting Color. You then switch to the Main Color and begin on Row 3 a pattern of "K1, sl 1, repeat to end of row."

Since I saw the note above, I did a slip stitch as if to purl. So then I come to Row 4, which says "K1, sl 1 wyif, repeat to end of row."

Well, my understanding is that when you slip as if to purl, you bring the yarn to the front, slip the stitch, and then take the yarn back to the back and knit one stitch.

So I'm confused. With the NOTE I expected that every time that I did slip stitch, it would be to purl.

But the directions seem to indicate to me that on Row 3, I should have done a regular slip stitch and then will slip stitch as if to purl on Row 4.

What do you think it is telling me to do? If I am supposed to do a regular slip stitch on one row and then a slip stitch as if to purl on the next row, why did they put that NOTE at the beginning of the instructions for the Back?

I would appreciate any insight you can provide.
Thank you.

You do not need to bring the yarn to the front to slip purl wise.

All that instruction means is to slip the tip of the right hand needle into the stitch in the middle of the loop with the tip emerging at the front, then using the tip to slip the stitch onto the right hand needle (assuming that you are right handed).

To slip knitwise you would insert the tip of the needle from the front to the back with the tip emerging in the middle of the stitches loop.

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