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Crochet and knitting are two different yarn crafts, and I do tend to get a little annoyed when TV shows or movies get them mixed up.  I watched a movie a few weeks ago that had a well known actress "knitting a baby blanket" using knitting needles while manipulating a piece of crochet.  I mean seriously, how hard is it to get something like that correct?

Most knitters I know do know how to crochet, some at an expert level and others at a very basic level.  In my experience all will tell you that knowing how to crochet has come in handy for finishing their knitted items at one time or another.  

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I regularly use crochet techniques to make button holes, or to create a tidy edge around the front and neck edge of little garments (I like doing baby knits).  I have also used crochet to join knitted squares together to make a blanket.  

Some examples of Crochet and Knitting together...

You can combine crochet and knitting in a number of ways.  

Perhaps the most basic use of crochet in combination with knitting is making laces for baby boots or booties by making a crochet chain. 

In this image the laces have been crocheted and the crafter has added small hand made tassels to finish the look.  You don't have to add tassels but they do look nice - don't you think?

These little boots are also seamless (knitted in the round using double pointed needles, which makes them perfect for soft little feet.

In this example the little shoes (Mary Janes) are hand knitted as is the headband and the leaves for the roses.

The white roses however are crocheted.  Cute huh?  The roses are quite easy to do and are the perfect embellishment for these little shoes and headband.

I have the pattern for this set available for sale in my knitting store. The pattern includes step by step instructions (including images) on how to make the crochet roses.

I also use crochet to do a provisional cast on when I am doing my lace knitting or when I am making knitted toys.  

On this little unicorn I used a provisional cast on for the arms.  They are knitted from the shoulder down and I wanted a provisional cast on so that I could gather the stitches together after the arms where stuffed and attached to the body.

The mane is knitted, but you could just as easily make it using crochet.  It would be faster and it would look quite similar.

I also combine crochet and knitting when I am working on my knitted lace as I use crochet as a provisional cast on.  This stole is knitted in two pieces and grafted in the middle.  To get it started you knit the piece of the border that goes across the bottom of the stole using a provisional cast on.

Then you pick up the stitches on the cast on edge, pick up and knit stitches along the edge of the border and then knit across the border stitches. From that point on-wards you knit the borders and the main body of the stole at the same time.

You actually make two the same and then join the two pieces in the centre.

Ignore the image - I need to find an image with a crocheted border rather than a knitted one...

In the past I have used crochet to create a beaded lace edging to attach at the cuff of a ladies jumper.  

Would a video help?

Check out this video from ABC Knitting Patterns for more ideas on how to use crochet and knitting together to adorn your knitted pieces.

Other uses for a crochet hook when knitting...

Ever dropped a stitch and had it unravel down a few rows?  A crochet hook is the perfect tool to knit up a single stitch relatively painlessly.  So even if you do not plan to learn how to crochet yourself, it still pays to have one or two crochet hooks in your collection.

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