Knitting Loom Instructions

Now that you have found your knitting loom, a few knitting loom instructions might come in handy! Although knitting on a loom is very easy, it always helps if you have someone to show you how to get you started!  

Knitting on a loom is quite easy and if you have ever done any French Knitting, many of the methods of forming stitches will be reasonably familiar.  

Loom knitting also uses a method of making stitches that is very similar to the way a knitting machine forms knit stitches.

On to the Knitting Loom Instructions!

Knitting Instructions #1

On this page, you will find instructions on how to do an easy method of casting on and how to cast off your knitting when you have finished your piece.

This method is the easiest one I have found, but for me the cast on edge is not as tight or as tidy as I would like, but it is a good method for a beginner to start with.

Knitting Instructions #2

Once you have gone through the first instruction #1 page, and you have learned how to cast on your knitting, you are going to need to know how to form some basic knitting stitches.

How To Make Your Own Knitting Loom

This is perhaps not the kind of instruction that you would expect to find on this page, maybe now that you have taught yourself how to knit on a loom, you might be ready for a new adventure!

How would you like some instructions on how to make your own knitting loom?

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It is not that difficult, you will need a few tools (power tools, if you are short on elbow grease like me) and of course, some instructions, but it is very do-able!

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