Knitting Loom Scarf Pattern

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Are you looking for a knitting loom scarf pattern that is a little bit different? If this is your first knitting loom project, this is not a pattern that I would recommend.

Providing you have mastered doing knit and purl stitches on your loom, this pattern is achievable, but it will take a bit of care to make sure that you have done your knit or purl stitches in the right place!

I designed the scarf and I had a bit of trouble keeping the pattern correct! Having said that, the stitch pattern on this scarf is very effective and might just provide you with a bit of a challenge.

The stitch pattern is a kind of elongated moss stitch pattern, with a row of knit stitches between each pattern row. For a closer look at the detail of the stitch pattern, just scroll down to the bottom of the page for a close-up photo.

Textured Knitting Loom Scarf Pattern

Size:  Length Approximately 185 cm Width15 cm

Materials:  12 ply200 grams

Loom Size:  13 cm (diameter) Round Loom - 24 pegs

Accessories:  Knitters Needle for sewing in yarn ends and a crochet hook for casting on.

Tension:  16 sts and 20 rows per 10 cm square.

Knitting Instructions

Using your crochet hook cast on 24 stitches from the starting peg working in a clockwise direction. Do not join. 

1st row:

Working from the last peg in an anticlockwise direction, work one row of knit stitches.
2nd row:Working from the first peg in a clockwise direction, work one row of knit stitches.
3rd row: Working from the last peg in an anticlockwise direction, knit one stitch, *purl one stitch, knit one stitch, repeat from * to the last stitch.
4th row: As 2nd row.
5th row: Working from the last peg in an anticlockwise direction, purl one stitch, *knit one stitch, purl one stitch, repeat from * to the last stitch.

Rows 2 - 5 form the textured pattern.
Continue in pattern as set until work measures 185 cm or length desired.

Cast off.

Finishing Your Scarf

Using your knitter's needle weave the ends of the yarn securely into the fabric of your scarf and trim the excess.

To make the scarf pictured, I used 200 grams of a 100% pure wool 12 ply from Bendigo Woollen Mills.

The quantity you will need to make the scarf will vary depending on the yarn that you decide to use as some yarns are heavier than others.

As the scarf is knitted as a flat piece, you can use a bigger round loom or a knitting board to make the scarf.

You just limit the number of pegs you use so that you only have 24 stitches. Or alternatively you could knit this scarf on normal knitting needles, just substitute 5.50mm single point needles for your loom and follow the instructions provided.

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