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Every now and then I get a question that I cannot answer. I know - hard to believe isn't it!

Sometimes, I really don't know the answer, other times the person asking the question has not provided enough information (big hint - a photo usually helps!), but lately it is probably because there are things going on in my life that mean that I just don't have the time to work on the site.

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Regular visitors to the site might already know, for new visitors suffice to say my father died recently and I have had to move interstate to be closer to my mother for a while. So my days are not my own at the moment...

There are more than enough unanswered questions to justify a section on the site dedicated to this type of question.

So here it is.

If you can help out by responding to any of these knitting questions (particularly any without a rating yet), all you need to do is to leave a comment on the relevant page (listed below).

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Changing color  Not rated yet
I am knitting a golf club cover using a ribbed pattern of K1 P2 with the magic loop method. I wanted to add stripes. I know how to add a color but my question …

Pattern Question Not rated yet
I am working on a Knit for Kids pattern called "Maypop Baby Blanket". I am having a problem with the first row of the pattern stitch. At the end of this …

Knitting letters on socks Not rated yet
The first side on leg all lettering comes out perfect. I knitted the word "Relax" The other side of sock on leg the lettering is a different word "Breathe" …

to be archived Not rated yet
Hi I came to a direction in a sweater pattern I am knitting that goes like this *P2, K1, p2, m7; repeat from * around. My question is, What does …

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