4 Ply Vee Neck Vest

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This pattern is for a basic 4 ply Vee Neck Vest in three sizes from 2 to 6 years old knitted on 2.75mm and 3.25mm needles.

My sample (picture below) was knitted using this pattern, but as I am not fond of plain stocking stitch, I added a bit of Fair Isle at the bottom.  Please do not expect your vest to magically knit up with a pattern. 

If you want a different stitch pattern you need to customise the pattern and incorporate your stitch pattern into your knitting.

Vee Neck Vest for Children aged 2 - 6 years

Knitting Instructions for the 4 Ply Vee Neck Vest





Fits Chest









Garment Measures





This is a snug fitting garment.


4 Ply Wool





Quantities may vary between knitters.

Needles and Extras

1 pair each 2.75mm (UK 12, USA 2) and 3.25mm (UK 10, USA 3) or sizes needed to give correct tension.

Knitters Needle for sewing seams.


On 3.25mm needles, 28 sts and 36 rows to 10 cm in width over stocking stitch. Please check your tension carefully. If fewer stitches use smaller needles, if more stitches use bigger needles. 


K=knit; P=purl; tog=together; st=stitch; beg=beginning; alt=alternate; rep=repeat; patt=pattern; cm=centimetres; in=inches; mm=millimetres.


**Using 2.75mm Needles, cast on 83 (89, 95) sts.

1st row: K2, *P1, K1, rep from * to last st, K1.

2nd row: K1, *P1, K1, rep from * to end.

Rep 1st and 2nd rows until work measures 2cm ending with a 2nd row.

Change to 3.25mm needles and work in stocking stitch until work measures 23 (25, 28) cm ending with a p row.**

Shape Armholes

Cast off 6 sts at beg of next 2 rows.

Dec 1 st at each end of every row until 55 (59, 63) sts rem. Cont straight in stocking stitch until armhole measures 13 (14, 15) from commencement of armhole shaping.

Shape Shoulders

Cast off 6 (7, 8) sts at beg of next 4 rows. Cast off remaining sts.


Work as for Back from ** to **

Shape Armhole

Cast off 6 sts at beg of next 2 rows.

Divide for Neck

Next row: K 2tog, k 31, k 2tog, turn.

Next row: P to last 2 sts, p 2tog.

Continue working on these 32 (34, 36) sts. Dec 1 st at the armhole edge on next 6 rows. AT THE SAME TIME dec 1 sts at the neck edge on the next and every foll 3rd row until 12 (14, 16) sts rem.

Cont straight until armhole measures the same as back to shoulder shaping.

Shape Shoulder

Cast off 6 (7, 8) sts at armhole edge on next and foll alt row.

Slip centre st onto s stitch holder and rejoin yarn to remaining sts. Work left side to match the right side.

To Make Up

Do not press.  Join right shoulder seam.

Neck Bands

Pick up and knit 127 (133, 139) sts around the neck.

1st row: K1, *p1, k1 rep from * to 5 centre sts, k 2tog, p1, k2 tog, (p1, k1) to last 2 sts, k1.

2nd row: K2, *p1, k1 rep from * to 5 centre sts, p 2tog, k1, p 2tog, continue in p1, k1 rib to last 2 sts, k2.

Repeat the last two rows 3 times. Cast off rib-wise.

Join left shoulder seam.

Arm Bands

Pick up and knit 117 (123, 129) sts and work 6 rows in k1, p1 rib. Cast off loosely.

Sew side seams to finish your 4 ply Vee Neck Vest.

Would You Like a Printable Copy of this Pattern?

Just in case you would like to print out a copy of this 4 ply Vee Neck Vest pattern, I have created a pdf version of it that you can download.

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