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Are you looking for baby knitting patterns?  You will find links to some of my basic baby patterns on this page along with my recommendations for a few really good baby knitting pattern books.  Some are free - some are not, but they may be worth investing in any way!

Personally, I have a rather large collection of pattern books for baby wear. Many of them dating back from when my three kids were babies, and I have inherited quite a few from my mother and grandmother, but most are relatively new. I just like the fine work and delicate look of baby knitting

Baby Knitting Patterns on Knitting Naturally

The collection of downloadable (free) patterns on this site will grow over time, but bear in mind that it takes quite a long time to design and test new patterns.  For each design I have to knit every size, often more than once to get the kinks out of the pattern and sometimes I don't catch them all.

If you download one or more of these patterns, you might find a mistake or two.  If you do, please get in touch using the contact form on this site and tell me which pattern has an issue and which bit the error is in and I will do what I can to fix it and get you knitting again as quickly as possible.  

Sweaters and Cardigans

These patterns are considered easy knits but you will have to master a few knitting techniques and skills before you can successfully complete any of them including:

Bonnets, Booties, Mittens and Headbands

Although you see less and less babies decked out in hand knitting booties, bonnets and mittens, these baby knitting items still make great (and unique) baby shower gifts and most new Mums will be delighted to receive some.  The scarcity of these traditional baby items is not because they are no longer necessary or desirable, but because there are far fewer knitters out there these days.

The shaping in booties and bonnets or hats means that you need to gain a bit of experience before attempting to knit them as you need to know how to:

Baby Blankets

Baby Knitting Patterns on KnitBits

These patterns are not really suitable for beginners as you need to be able to knit in the round using the magic loop method or with a pair of circular needles.  The actual knitting is not too complicated once you work out how to use the circular needles and the end results are seamless.  If you have mastered all of the basics and you consider yourself more advanced than a beginner, they will definitely offer a challenge for you.

The sole has a fold that can be a bit tricky so I have videoed a demonstration so that you can see how it is done.

Baby Knitting Books on Amazon

Below you will find a selection of knitting pattern books for baby wear that available from If none of these books appeal to you, feel free to search the website for the perfect book for you.

Just click on any of the links below and start your own search!

Check out these baby knitting patterns...

  • Baby Bootie Knitting Pattern

    tend to use the same basic baby bootie knitting pattern for any booties I make, varying the knitting stitch patterns that I use for the base, top or instep of the bootees.

  • Customising Knitting Patterns

    Once you have mastered basic knitting, you might want to start experimenting with customising knitting patterns to create your own unique garments and it is not as difficult as it seems!

  • Customising Baby Knitting Patterns

    When I am customising baby knitting patterns, I use the basic pattern and change the knitting stitch patterns to create my own unique jumper!

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