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If you are looking for a few baby blanket knitting patterns, I hope you will like this page!

Baby blankets usually take quite a bit of knitting, but there is nothing like seeing your favourite little person playing on or wrapped in a blanket that you have made yourself.

Modular Garter Stitch BlanketModular Garter Stitch Blanket | © Deborah Mason & Knitting Naturally

And it doesn't have to be that difficult either.

Many baby blanket knitting patterns are for very fancy baby blankets, knitted in all over lace patterns or 'true lace' but a blanket made in a nice colourful garter stitch stripe or in sample blocks in stocking stitch can be just as effective. You can even dress up a plain baby blanket by adding embroidery to the blanket after you have finished knitting.

You could make an alphabet blanket or embroider the baby's name in one corner, how about adding flowers or a bumble bee to the blanket?

You are only limited by your own imagination. But to help your creative juices flowing how I add a couple of basic patterns to the page to get you started?

Free Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns

Easy Knit Garter Stitch Blanket

This Easy Knit Garter Stitch Baby Blanket knitting pattern is suitable for both beginners and experienced knitters as it is knitted entirely in garter stitch.

You can knit the blanket in a single colour or you can do stripes in different colours. The most difficult 'bit' is sewing in all of the tails from each colour change!

The colours you choose will determine whether the blanket is a traditional baby blanket (knitted in baby pastels) or a fun blanket knitted in bright primary colours. The pattern used four colours, but you can use more or less depending on the effect you want to create.

Garter Stitch Squares

This baby blanket knitting pattern is knitted in pieces. Lots of small garter stitch squares that are pieced together either by sewing the squares together using a wool needle or crocheted together using a neutral coloured yarn. Black, white, cream or natural can be good choices depending on the colours you have selected for the squares.

This blanket can be knitted fairly quickly (even if you are a beginner) but some will find it tedious to join all of the squares together. The size of your blanket can be varied by increasing or decreasing the number of squares. For added interest, you may want to add a border to your blanket.

Modular Garter Stitch Squares

This baby blanket knitting pattern is knitted in one piece (kind of). Lots of small garter stitch squares that are knitted together either by picking up and knitting stitches together at the side edge of each square. This modular method of creating a blanket will require you to know how to pick up and knit stitches and how to knit 2 stitches together.  It can be knitted on single pointed needles with (a lot) of stitch holders or on a single circular needle.

When you have finished all of your squares you only have to weave in the tails for each diagonal row rather than having one for each square.  The size of this blanket can also be varied by increasing or decreasing the number of squares. For added interest, you may want to add a border to your blanket.

Garter Stitch Stripe (Modular) Baby Blanket

This Garter Stitch Stripe Baby Blanket is made by knitting 4 two colour blocks and either joining them by picking up and knitting stitches along the sides of each subsequent block or by sewing them together.  

It is finished off with a garter stitch border knitted around the four edges on the blanket on a circular needle.

The instructions below are for a pram or bassinet sized blanket.  If you require a larger blanket, you can just add extra blocks before knitting the border. 

Garter Stitch Check Baby Blanket

This baby blanket pattern is knitted using a (10 stitch) garter stitch check stitch pattern and it features a garter stitch border. The yarn used is a double knit or 8 ply yarn and it is knitted on reasonably large knitting needles.

This pattern is slightly more difficult than the garter stitch baby blanket but still quite easy and suitable for beginners.

Modular Garter Stitch Baby Blanket

Try this pattern for my modular garter stitch baby blanket pattern. Although it is rated easy you will need to learn how to pick up and knit stitches along the edges of your knitting.

To make this blanket, you will need approximately 750 grams of 8 ply (double knit) yarn. The knitting stitch pattern is a simple garter stitch (knit all rows).  

There is no shaping and you will not have to sew your blocks together - unless you really want to!

Depth Illusion Baby Blanket

Try this pattern for my depth illusion baby blanket knitted in garter stitch.

Although it is rated easy you will need to learn how to knit using two colours for the first 14 rows and how to pick up and knit stitches along the edges of your knitting.  

This blanket is created using a modular knitting technique, with each block being added to the previous blocks by picking up and knitting stitches along the edge of an existing block.

Hooded Stocking Stitch Blanket

My Stocking Stitch blanket (with a hood) can be knitted in two pieces, or the top of the blanket (with the hood) can be knitted at the same time using a Double Knitting Technique.

The main piece is a large square knitted in stocking stitch, and the second piece is a smaller triangle of stocking stitch to form a hood in one corner of the blanket.

Although rather plain and designed to be knitted in one colour, you can easily dress up the blanket by using a variegated yarn or by adding some embroidery on the hood.

Garter Stitch Alphabet Block Blanket

The ABC baby blanket is knitted in small squares which are joined together to form the blanket. Each square is knitted in stocking stitch and letters are knitted into the block using garter stitch.

Knitting graphs are included for the letters A, B and C.  Alternatively, you can knit the letters in stocking stitch in a contrasting colour (for those of you who are experienced enough to attempt two colour knitting) or you can embroidered onto the blanket when you have joined the squares together.

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