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Want to know more about knitting baby blankets?

One of the first things I did when I heard that I was going to be a grandmother was to decide what type of knitted gifts I could make for my new grandchild. Knitting baby blankets is one way of creating a special gift, as each blanket is unique and can become almost a family heirloom.

I made a blanket for my daughter when she was a baby (over twenty-two years ago) and it is still one of her most prized possessions! 

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Baby blankets tend to be made using a heavier ply of wool (usually at least an 8 ply) on larger needles than most other baby knits. Most baby blanket patterns are either a square or a rectangle of a textured or lace stitch pattern with a border in a different stitch.

Your baby blanket could be used as a pram or bassinet blanket, a cot blanket or a floor rug, so the size and shape will vary depending on what you intend to use the blanket for.

Your choice of baby knitting yarn will also depend on the intended use and the climate you live in. For a pram or cot blanket you might want to choose a wool or wool blend for warmth and durability.

But for a floor rug you would probably choose an acrylic so that it can be easily washed.

If you have a family history of allergies, you might want to consider using an alpaca yarn, bamboo or cotton. Bamboo, cotton and bamboo/cotton blends are also a good choice if you live in a temperate climate.

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Pram or Bassinet Blankets

Pram or bassinet blankets are usually pretty small compared to the other types of hand-made baby blankets. Most of the patterns I have in my collection are for rectangular blankets and they generally measure around 75 x 100cm.

The normal gauge for 8 ply wool is around 22 sts and 30 rows per 10cm, so a blanket of this size would be 165 stitches wide and 300 rows long.

Cot Blankets

Most cot blankets measure approximately 120 x 150cm. To make a blanket this size, you would need to cast on 264 stitches and knit 450 rows.

Single Bed Blankets

If you are really serious about knitting a baby blanket, you could try knitting a single bed blanket. But be prepared for a lot of knitting!

Single bed blankets are around 240 x 260cm, so to make a blanket this size, you would need to cast on 528 stitches and knit 780 rows.

Patterns for Knitting Baby Blankets

If you would like a copy of the patterns and to see some examples of what you can do to change or modify it to create unique blankets for the baby in your life, it might be worth stopping by this page.

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