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Using a long loom or 'long loom knitting' for your knitting project offers a bit more versatility than a round loom.

Basically, anything you can do on a round loom can also be done on a long loom but you are also able to do 'double knitting' on a long loom!

Normally in knitting speak, double knitting or DK is a weight of yarn, but when you are talking about loom knitting the term describes a style of knitting where both sides of the fabric are knit stitches.

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So both sides of your knitted fabric look the same - hence the term double knitting.

Long Loom Knitting: Knitting Instructions 

To use your long loom for a straight piece of knitting or to make a tube, just follow the instructions provided for the round loom.

When you cast on, you just work your way all around the loom casting on a stitch on each peg on the first side, one stitch on the peg at the end between the two rows of pegs and then turn the loom and continue casting on your stitches along the second row of pegs. If you want to knit a tube, continue all the way around to the first stitch exactly as you would with a round loom.

Double Knitting on Your Long Loom

Double knitting on your long loom is done a bit differently to other loom knitting methods.

Basically rather than going around the loom, the same way you would if you were doing straight knitting, you work from one side of the loom to the other zig-zagging all the way along the loom.

Where to Get a Long Loom

If you are looking for a single loom, or if you are just not sure whether loom knitting is right for you the single long loom is probably the best choice for you.

This loom is purple, 38 centimetres long and has 36 pegs. The pegs are quite large (comparatively speaking) and the gap between each peg is about one centimetre.

Provocraft recommend that you use two strands of worsted yarn (10 ply if you are in Australia) knitted together for the best results. But two strands of 8 ply work just as well!

The only drawback with this loom is that it does not have the two central pegs at the ends. Each loom comes with a loom hook and basic instructions to help you get started.

If you are really committed to long loom knitting, the set of four long looms is probably a better choice.

In this set, you get four looms of varying lengths from 24 centimetres to 55 centimetres, and these looms do have the central pegs!

As with the single long loom, this set comes with a loom hook and basic instructions to help you get started.

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